The Visit to the Haicang Information Experience Hall

Time: 2016-07-13 10:06:25
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    The 21st century is the era of rapid development of information, so paying close attention to the information industry will be beneficial to the development of the company. As one of the first national pilot cities of information consumption, Xiamen spearheads the information construction. The major development platform of Xiamen Node group company is its information technology. To enhance the staff's understanding towards different industries led by informatization and refresh their consumption idea in the information consumption era, Xiamen Node decided to organize all the staff to visit the Haicang information experience hall on the morning of October 31st (Saturday).

     The weekend morning was full of the singing of birds and fragrance of flowers. Once the staff went into the gate of the experience hall, the layout map of the experience hall was presented before their eyes. The overall exhibition area of the experience hall is about 2038 square meters and there are three floors. And it is the only comprehensive experience hall of information consumption in Xiamen city. The design of layout is closely related to the city's information system construction and there are three major experience projects: smart city, smart community and smart family. The overall layout can be summarized as "two foundations, three applications and four sectors" and is centered the topic of the constructions of community safety, education, pension system, smart government administration, handy service for the public and health care.

     The first floor of the hall was the overview area, guiding the visitors to have a general concept of the information consumption. We learnt about and experienced the handy service for the public of information consumption and the interactive information consumption of the Two Shores. Listening to the explanation of the guide, we got to know that there are four sectors of the information service system in Xiamen, which could be described as "safety", "living", "pleasure" and "industry"."Safety" mainly reflects in the social governance. For example, the project of traffic management to reduce the traffic congestion, which has been tested on Lianqian West Road; the urban grid management of the community through which we can look into the WiFi distributed situation, getting to know the broadband access capability in our own living area and thus deciding which mobile network operator to choose. This could promote the industry upgrading from the perspective of economic development. "Living" refered to the integrated urban construction aiming at realizing the formulation of "one map, one platform, one graph, one system". "Pleasure" refered to the smart livelihood based on the "i Xiamen" one-stop handy service platform which dramatically improveed the work efficiency. And the last one "industry" covered the economic development of Xiamen city and the first step was the reform of registration system for business affairs into "business license first and other permits next" in Xiamen Free Trade Area.

     After we learnt relatively detailed understanding of the information consumption in Xiamen, the guide brought us to the exhibition hall on the second floor to experience the convenience of the information consumption products more directly, putting us into an era of information consumption. In the "smart health-house", we could know about our physical condition immediately after we swiped our ID cards, and we could experience nine healthcare programs including height-measuring, body-weighting, blood pressure and blood oxygen measuring and so on. Colleagues who were interested in automobile race rode in the racing simulator and experienced the racing like an"f1 player"; the one who loved sports could experience the robot soccer match, operating the remote control and having fierce competition without much physical exhaustion. In smart home, there were not only the home security system including burglary prevention, fire prevention and emergency rescue, but also some intelligent home appliances like the refrigerator on which the information of the food inside could be shown. A series of experience projects were quite eye-opening to us and we deeply felt the advancement and superiority of informatization.

     On the third floor was the highly expected 5D experience hall. It had the 180-degree panoramic omnidirectional CMAX theater which was equipped with 6.2 soundtrack surround sound stereo acoustics and 5D seats, giving the audience a feeling of actually being in the movie scene. The seats shook with the sound effects and we could even feel the rain and the wind and smell the fragrance of the flowers. All the movie scenes seemed close enough to touch and all the colleagues just fully enjoyed experiencing it.

    After visiting the information consumption experience hall, we headed for the Jiali Seafood Hotel and had buffet lunch there. The buffet was full of happy laughters and cheerful voices and the colleagues communicated their feelings at the exhibition hall.

    The visit was organized by the Labor Union of Xiamen Node and it could teach through lively activities, making everyone experiencing the facilitation and changes brought by information consumption. The colleagues all said that, if these projects could be brought into our daily life in the future, it would not only facilitate the life of the citizens, but also improve the work efficiency of the functional departments. And the overall intelligentization would promote the urbanization construction of Xiamen city. As an information company, we should not only pay close attention to the ever-changing information consumption, but also grasp the platform advantage it has brought to us. We must attach emphasis on information as well as manage and apply the information. We should treat information as a driving force to improve our innovation and development abilities in this new era, advancing with the times and leading at the forefront.



The Labor Union of Xiamen Node

November 2nd, 2015