Visualization—New Demand for IT Operation and Maintenance

Time: 2016-07-13 13:46:28
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      As the traditional data center is embracing cloud services, IT operation and maintenance will face a series of new challenges, whether in terms of the basic environment monitoring, or the optimization of business management. In an enterprise operating environment with business management as its core, people ponder on how to adapt IT operation and maintenance to new changes and how to make the operation of the business platform transparent. These issues reflect the new requirements of IT service security: visualization.

      After years of informatization infrastructure construction, Xiamen Node already has a number of customers. However, the existing monitoring means targeting data networks devices is lagging behind, which is difficult to adapt to the further development of customer business. If the IT data network and the key node devices for mainframe applications in the customer's entire company are monitored by a comprehensive network management system with strong generality and scalability, we can identify and solve the fault more quickly, eliminating the potential security risk and fault in the data network and the mainframe applications before the customer discovers them. It will also provide customers with differentiated network services to minimize the impact of network failures on the business.

      Based on the principle of maintaining a comprehensive, open, flexible, stable and safe management system, Xiamen Node customizes a set of solutions for its clients. That is to say, considering different business situations of the customer' subsidiaries, the company will make structure arrangement, manage the customer's network equipment (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.), desktop PCs, mainframe servers, database printers, UPS, and others through a comprehensive monitoring platform, and achieve advanced network management functions such as network traffic analysis, network configuration management, network link quality, VMwareESX Server monitoring, system log monitoring and network behavior analysis. This set of solutions not only changes the current passive maintenance, but also lays a solid foundation of informatization for the customer's business development.


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October 13th, 2015