Node OA Solution

Time: 2019-10-25 11:55:17
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The Introduction to OA Solution

Based on node management application platform, the office automation system is in fact a co-working platform that deals with the official documents, sales, human resource, asset, customer, and purchasing on an integrated enterprise information platform, which totally eliminate the issues existing in the enterprise, such as information expansion, information isolation, information non-construction, and information deindividuation.

The node OA solution can provide an integrated office environment to enable all staff to work in a unified and personalized information portal to get rid of time and space limit and manage work and knowledge.


OA Solution Design Concept

Node OA solution is built on the basis of node management application platform, integrating seven modules of platform and covering all functions and requirements for modern office.

Node management application platform is designed on the concept of matrix model and gear linkage model. Referring the characteristic of information network diagram of matrix model, the seven modules of platform are correlated, so that if one point is found, the other points that correlate with the point will also be figured out and tracked further until the whole information network is extracted. Meanwhile, according to the linkage effect of gear linkage model, one rotating gear drives other gears to rotate. Similarly, when one module of platform runs, the other six modules also run around the module to provide required support and service. In other words, the organized and structured data presented to us doesn’t exist in one module, but is dispersed in different modules. When it is needed, it is structurally extracted.  


OA Solution Product Structure

Node OA solution creates an integrated office environment. Through the combination with the enterprise information portal, the solution provides the staff, distributors, suppliers, and managers with a working platform and supports the integration of various business data into the platform.

Meanwhile, due to the strong correlation of the seven modules, all the information in the system, including incidents, process, files, personnel, can be correlated, which solves the difficulties that the overloaded and isolated information has bring in for enterprise management.


OA Solution Modules

Node OA solution is built on the basis of Node management application platform. It includes seven modules:

1Knowledge Document Management Module

2Human Resource Management Module

3Asset Product Management Module

4Project Information Management Module

5Financial Information Management Module

6Workflow Management Module

7Customer Relationship Management Module

As the seven modules can be well integrated and divided, an OA system can be customized according to daily work. It enables the enterprise to realize knowledge and information management, staff management, and project management in the daily work to electronize enterprise’s work flow. It also provides users with various analysis reports to help enterprises effectively organize resources, optimize process, increase efficiency, and improve service quality.


OA Solution Feature

Node OA system manages official documents, sales, human resource, asset, customer, and purchasing on an integrated, unified, and coordinated office platform to eliminate the information isolation in the enterprise and share the information between departments and staff, improving enterprise management level and operating efficiency.  

Compared with common OA system, Node OA system is characterized by the following:  

1)Beyond the traditional OA 

It not only includes the traditional OA contents, but also extends horizontally and deepens longitudinally, involving almost all aspects of enterprise management. The application is totally integrated and the enterprise doesn’t need to purchase repeatedly. 

2)Based on WEB

    There is no need to buy complex equipment to run the system. The enterprise can choose to build the office platform on the LAN or wide area network, so the user only needs a browser. The system supports telecommuting and uninterrupted service, which changes the traditional working way in an office and expands the office space, so that the user can work through linking the network at any time any place.

3)Based on Process

Build a dynamic, standard, smooth, and efficient process system and integrate the enterprise’s current process to realize enterprise’s normalization and efficient operation. Drive the information, materials, and capital smooth circulation in the enterprise by process and update the relative data through linking with the background database.

4)Based on Knowledge

In order to meet the enterprise requirements for knowledge innovation and accumulation in the era of knowledge economy, Node OA system provides IT tool, knowledge repository, and knowledge communication place for knowledge management. It also provides knowledge-based evaluation system to help the enterprise with knowledge management analysis and decision.

5)Based on Individuation

    The office system integrated with enterprise information portal opens a window leading to enterprise resources. All the enterprise resources are integrated on a platform and are displayed to different user groups and individuals to let them obtain the application and information that are most relevant and interesting to them. Information portal means more efficient operation, more considerate service, and more human-friendly management.

6)Based on Dynamic

The system’s strong customizability meets different enterprise’s requirements for office automation. The enterprise organization structure, personnel structure, and business process are different, and even the same enterprise will make adjustments due to various factors in the developing process. Therefore, the system provides an open, flexible, and highly adaptable OA environment, so that it only needs to be slightly set without second development to meet enterprise requirement for system redefinition.

7)Based on Strict Safety Control

The whole OA environment is not only flexible and open, but also safe. The system provides multiple security mechanisms to ensure data’s confidentiality and integrity, guaranteeing enterprise’s business normal operation. It includes identity authentication, role assignment, user operation monitoring, log report, information security level setting and supports multiple-level security definition.

8)Based on Node Office System to Realize Information Correlation and Cross-functional Communication

The Node office system is built on the basis of enterprise information network management system. All the information and applications are not isolated in the system, but are correlative. The user can reach any related information point or extract the whole information network through an information point despite the information source, structure, and storage way. The system realizes the application integration. For example, the personnel management, archive management, and asset management are completely integrated. In this way, the user can obtain all the information and finish necessary operations on a platform and interface without switching among platforms, database, and application systems. The system also helps the work involving different departments, personnel, multi tasks can be finished under integrated planning, unified control, efficient sharing, and communication.