Corporate Culture

        Corporate culture is an enterprise’s soul, the spiritual pillar, the cornerstone of long-term development, and its foundation to keep a foothold in the society. It embodies the overall quality and spirit of its employees. It also focuses on appeal, integrity, and proactivity. Established by people-oriented philosophy, the enterprise culture also emphasizes on meeting customer’s need and showing solicitude for employees.

As the saying goes, great minds think alike. Only those who share the same value can well cooperate. “filial piety, loyalty, and capability” is the basic principle to select candidates, train novices, and promote talents. It is a basic feature of employees in Node Group to have a correct understanding of value outlook, morality outlook, life outlook and world outlook. In order to realize goals, all must achieve unity of thought, so that common interest can be achieved. Everyone in this family should bear social responsibility, corporate responsibility and family responsibility, and fully balance the interests among the three.

For a corporate culture everyone is encouraged to make progress from two aspects: spiritually and materially. In spiritual facet, we need to unceasingly expose to advanced thoughts and new knowledge, broaden our horizons, and promote comprehensive quality. In material facet, we should strive for better living standards for our own family.

Node group presents importance of corporate culture that “attitude creates brand, service maintains brand and innovation promotes brand.” Employees are inspired to become a future-oriented and valuable, and make joint efforts to make Node a century-old enterprise.