The Two-day Trip to Qingyun Mountain, Yongtai for Celebrating the May Day

Time: 2016-07-13 09:50:30
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     To further implement the corporate culture of Xiamen Node, promote cultural and ideological progress, enrich the spare time of the staff, enhance the awareness of team collaboration and mutual assistance, Xiamen Node organized a two-day trip for all the staff and their families to Qingyun mountain, Yongtai with strong support from the leaders and the Labor Union as well as the detailed arrangement of the Family Coordinating Committee. On the occasion of the May Day, this activity was also held for celebrating the festival and it lasted for two days from May 1stto 2nd.

     May is a time full of poetic flavor; the comfortable breeze, the lush vegetation, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers make May the perfect time for spring outing. On the first day, all the staff visited the "egg house tribe" constructed according to Chinese Fengshui. There were egg-like "gold house", "silver house", "happy house" and "lucky house" spreading all over the mountains and plains. Delicate and mysterious, these egg houses gave the staff a chance to experience the rural life of the original inhabitants. Walking on the Yunding mountain, we had a great view of the mysterious Tianchi which was praised as the peak of the Qingyun mountain. Tianchi was formed by volcano eruption millions of years ago and is now seen as a wishing well. It has the marvelous natural phenomenon of "not inundate when flood, not dry up when drought". We also visited a lush meadow which was quite mere in south China. The mist-covered meadow, the all-pervading azalea and the fragrance of flowers made all of us feel free of mind and happy of heart.

      On the second day, we went along the boardwalk and appreciated the spectacular landscape of the valley. The boardwalk is 5.5 kilometers long and 3-10 meters wide. It hides deeply in the mountain and is extraordinarily steep, so few people know this boardwalk and it remains the original ecological landscape. The 5.5-km-long boardwalk is inlaid into the cliff and connects the three major scenic area: Colorful Waterfall, Red River Valley and Emerald Valley. The most breathtaking section is the "Sky-high pillar" overhead boardwalk where could only be reached by birds previously; while the smoothest section is the "Shuangmen Valley" boardwalk. With the bright sunshine and gentle breeze, everyone was frisky and cheerful. Walking on the overhead boardwalk and taking care of one another, we had a breath of fresh air whose oxygen ion content reached up to 200,000 per cubic centimeter, and listened to the musical sound of the waterfall. Putting ourselves in the green surroundings, we could totally relax and take deep breaths. Walking along the boardwalk, we had to bend our backs to go through when confronting with trees and cliffs in odd shapes. The orographic changes of the mountain brought us both the magnificent scenery and the thrilling experience. We also queued up to take the mountain-valley sightseeing cableway which is 1100 meters long and has a vertical altitude difference of 360 meters. The cableway connects the mountaintop and the deep valley and it's like an extremely beautiful and splendid rainbow in fairyland. Sitting in the cabin is just like floating in a garden in the air. We were like the celestial beings, overlooking the valley surrounded by clouds and looking up at the continuous mountains and cliffs. Indulging in the iridescent clouds, it seemed that we were far away from the worldly affairs.

       The Two-day Trip to Qingyun Mountain, Yongtai was held successfully in an atmosphere of pleasant, and the happiness was lingering around. The leisure activities not only brought the staff close to natural environment and relieved their working pressure, but also raised their awareness of team spirit. Besides, the trip embodied Xiamen Node's humanistic concern for its staff and showed the solidarity and friendship of all the staff as well as their positive spiritual outlook.


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The author: Hu Huangrong

May 8th, 2015