Process Reengineering

Time: 2016-07-01 14:07:42
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• Service Overview

Based on our long-term contact and communication with customers, process reengineering is an expectation or ongoing task of many companies. They expect to achieve an overall promotion on business level and management level through process reengineering. However, we also found that many enterprises are faced with a lot of problems and confusions in terms of choice, decision and implementation, which include the lack of comprehensive understanding of process reengineering, worries about the succession and connect of the new process with the original system, suspicion of the value and effect of process reengineering and so on.

In general, we found that: in the process, problems faced by enterprises mainly include:

(1) many companies are not clear about the content and value of process reengineering, and the methods and instruments to promote it, which led them to either overestimate or underestimate of the results of process reengineering;

(2) the change of the external competition environment and the adjustment of its own management positioning all require the corresponding optimization and adjustment from the management system and the organization system of the enterprises. However, due to the limitation of the enterprises' professional ability and input resources, most of them fail to make adjustment in time, or even do not know the direction and method of adjustment;

(3) on the basis of a specific enterprise overall strategy, it's not clear how to deal with the adjustment of the strategy, the optimization and reconstruction of the internal value chain in order to ensure the unity and coordination of the external business development and the internal management system, and to improve the management efficiency and management level;

(4) the development of the business requires the support from the internal management system, which needs specific management concepts and management requirements through the consolidation of the process system. However, many enterprises fail to effectively carry out the corresponding optimization and adjustment of the process system through performance management and position management;

(5) process reengineering not only requires the construction of the system, but also needs effective implementation. Although position management and performance management are important and effective means, they are neglected by many companies. It is faced by many companies how to apply the results of process reengineering through performance management and position management.

In fact, many enterprises lack a systematic and comprehensive understanding of process reengineering. As an important management instrument and management method, the application of process reengineering in the Chinese enterprise groups is still in the developmental stage. If enterprises can rely on the appropriate external professional institutions, and effectively access to external professional support, it will help them to tackle with and even solve the possible problems, and to advance in development by leaps and bounds through process reengineering.

• Service Content

Given the professional team and case accumulation of Xiamen Note, based on our understanding of customer needs, we believe that we can provide the following support and help to customers in assisting and helping customers to carry out process reengineering:

(1) a comprehensive business diagnosis and internal value chain reengineering: we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the business situation of the company; based on the requirement of business development we will optimize the reconstruct the internal value chain and management mechanism to ensure effective coordination and connection of business development and management support;

(2) optimizing and reengineering the management system based on the value chain: based on the value chain, the company management system can be fully optimized and reconstructed to better support the business development, including the management mode, the division of authority and responsibility, the construction of organization and so on;

(3) optimizing and improving the organization and the responsibility system: focused on the operational requirements of the process system, we will optimize and adjust the organization system, position system, and clarify the duty of various departments and positions, which can both consolidate the basis for management of process reengineering and guarantee the implementation of the subsequent performance indicators;

(4) diagnosing and analyzing the process system: relying on the professional capacity of the Red Sea Consulting, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of the problems of the process system and specify the direction of improvement and enhancement, providing a solid foundation for promoting the operational management at all levels;

(5) implementing the performance system: it is necessary to establish a performance management system according to the implementation of new process in order to guarantee the assessment system and to ensure the effective operation and implementation of the process system;

(6) the connection and application of IT system: IT system is an important means of consolidating and implementing a new process. In the meantime of process reengineering, the requirement of connecting the process system and IT system should be emphasized, which include establishing the corresponding connectors and designing synchronous optimizing programs.

• Expected goals

We have assisted our customer, a large listed company, to launch advisory services in the field of process reengineering relying on the overall strategy. During the process of cooperation, our work and achievements include the following items:

(1) The customer designed a five-year development plan, which clearly states the adjustment and transformation of the business. Relying on the overall development strategy, we helped our customer to optimize and adjust the internal value chain to better respond to the changes in external business; at the same time, we also optimized and improved the control system to lay the foundation for subsequent work;

(2) We conducted a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the existing business process and management process, using our professional tools and models, and specified the direction of optimizing and enhancing as "business as the core, management as the support;

(3) According to the requirements of strategic development, internal value chain, control system, and the results of diagnosis and analysis carried out in earlier stage, the process system and institutional system are thoroughly optimized. We also successfully optimized the process nodes, reduced redundant steps, and improved process efficiency in a comprehensive way;

(4) Relying on the requirements of process system and daily management, we helped to optimize and adjust the organization system, departments and position settings, to further clarify and optimize the responsibilities of different departments and positions, and to realize the combination of process and position and the combination of process and job duties;

(5) On the basis of position system, we designed and complete the performance assessment system in accordance with the operation and implementation of the process in order to guarantee the implementation of process through the method of performance assessment;

(6) IT system is an effective means of consolidating and implementing the process. Based on the process system, we designed implementation plans for the following IT system applications and the connection of clarified connectors. Through the cooperation of this project, we assisted the customer to complete the adjustment and transformation of management system to better deal with and support the changes in strategy and business. At the same time, focused on the construction of process system, we also helped them clarify the connecting line in management, improve the management effectiveness, reduce the cost of management operation, and lay foundation for the following implementation of the IT system.