Internal and External Network Integration Solution

Time: 2016-07-01 14:54:57
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1 Introduction

The development of enterprise's extranet begins with simple image publicity, and gradually associates with marketing, interaction with visitors and portal's role. Xiamen Node has keenly realized that to integrate with intranet will be the developing direction of enterprise's extranet. Similarly, enterprise's intranet is updated from the initial BBS to integrated daily office work system, and now the comprehensive portal integration of business data. Again, Xiamen Node has been aware that data integration will be the development direction of enterprise's intranet. We are looking for a system that can integrate the intranet and extranet effectively and genuinely achieve integrated management of the enterprise.

Such scheme provided by Xiamen Node's management and implementation platform perfectly connects the intranet and the extranet. Through seven related modules on the platform, the main functions of intranet such as news bulletin, affair management, document management, human resource management, asset management, conference management, customer management, project management and document management can be achieved. At the same time, through the information portal on the same platform, extranet's roles including enterprise's monthly periodical, e-transactions, online purchasing, user management and product and service publication can also be fulfilled, enabling multiple use of once data input.

Thus Xiamen Node has successfully achieved the genuine integrated management of enterprise's intranet and extranet.

2 Designing Concept

According to the demand of the integration of modern enterprise's intranet and extranet, it is hoped that an internal management platform can be used to deal with extranet information. Xiamen Node has developed a platform for enterprise's management and implementation, providing a platform for managers and employees to work on. This platform presents all the information on a network, we can find everything related through one single spot. Information about enterprise's product, contract and recruitment can be released on the extranet through this platform and be controlled as well as updated at any time, thus the integration of enterprise's intranet and extranet is achieved.

The scheme of information portal aims to enhance enterprise's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by interacting with customers, suppliers, distributors and agents.

3 Product Structure

Xiamen Node's scheme of integrated intranet and extranet contains two parts, the extranet for information release, online communication and business processing, and the intranet for daily office affairs and business system. We provide a office platform within the enterprise through eight modules, accelerating the information exchange between departments and employees and improving business efficiency. The scheme of information portal enables information dissemination on extranet through internal platform, so that customers, suppliers, distributors and agents can submit requests through their own portals and wait for the customer service staff to deal with.

External websites can be managed and updated through Xiamen Node's management and implementation platform:

·             The platform provides information to users through internal websites according to authority settings.

·             The integration of intranet and extranet is done by joint effort of each module.

·             The platform can distribute authorized information or documents to appropriate address including intranet and extranet through knowledge management and workflow.

·             The platform allows publishing internal electronic periodicals through knowledge management and workflow.

·             External information can be sent to intranet database. Take recruitment management for instance, applicants can submit personal profile on enterprise's external website, and their submission will be collected and sent to human resource management system.

·             Through intranet, the internal information can be shared with external customers and partners.

4 Module Constitution

4.1 Intranet Module Constitution

Knowledge Management

·             Provide structurized storage of relevant information collected by functional departments and offer various ways of information query

·             Dynamically manage websites which issue information about administrative affairs and services through the system

·             Realize personalized management of all internal knowledge and information in terms of different portals and authorities

Business Process Management

·             Standardize office process including document distribution, report approval, personnel management, budget making, purchasing and annual (monthly) plan approval and achieve automatic operation through office automation system

·             Realize automatic transfer of internal documents by automatically operating the next step according to documents' different status and decide the person liable

·             Help government agencies realize both simple and complex business processes such as document circulation, online approval, affair supervising and reminding, petition reception and online reporting

·             Achieve transparent work implementation, convenient query to task processing status, interaction between managers and employees and work within the organization

Personnel Management

·             Make employee information cards to achieve centralized management of personnel information and convenient query

·             Improve work efficiency by automatically issuing and implementing tasks

·             Streamline and standardize the management of management and labor, training and party affairs

·             Formulate scientific work assessment system

Asset and Equipment Management

·             Realize transparent and centralized electronic asset management and clear person (department) liable and assets' availability

·             Standardize the management of important assets such as vehicles and enable real-time check of their availability and efficient use and approval process

·             Make plans and coordinate the use of public facilities such as conference rooms

Project Management

·             Manage scientific projects such as engineering projects, investment projects, network construction projects and internal projects

·             Achieve unified management by integrating projects with resources such as man power, fortune, material and documents

·             Achieve real-time monitoring of projects' progress

Conference Management

·             Manage participants, conference agenda, conference services, conference materials, facilities and conference approval

·             Facilitate the rational use and proper organization of conference resources by government agencies

Financial Affair Management

·             Provide managing organizations with a thorough understanding of their finances including operating, budget and performance assessment through a variety of financial analysis, reports and indicators

·             Provide data interface connected with other financial management systems

Policy Support

·             Provide users with various analysis reports, covering all aspects of information and business management, and help government agencies organize resources more effectively, optimize the process and improve efficiency and service quality

·             Support the customization of various reports, greatly facilitating fulfilling the needs of different agencies for data extraction and analysis

4.2 Extranet Module Constitution

Information Issuance

·             Support instant information issuance in all kinds of formats and information management in forms of categories

·             Set issuance approval process for some key information such as polices and announcements

·             Establish portals for external ICP services and set up different forms of information issuance for different government agencies

Information Retrieval

·             Retrieve information of multiple formats

·             Various ways of information retrieve

·             Personalized information retrieval

Personnel Management

·             Online registration

·             Personnel file management

·             Record solutions to related affairs

Approval and Reporting Process

·             Fully electronize the approval and reporting function and set different processes for different approvals and reports

·             Sum up and analyze all the information related to approval and reporting process including personnel, documentation and financial information

·             Support data conversion and output during approval and reporting process

·             Support the supervision and reminder as well as immediate feedback during the process

Online Consultation

·             Offer solutions automatically

·             Enable accurate and timely arrival of consulted information, personal service and instant feedback

Online Recruitment

·             Release and update recruitment information instantly

·             Maintain and manage human resource database

·             Set and apply the recruitment process