Xiamen Node's Team Building Activities at Qinglong Village

Time: 2016-07-13 11:07:54
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                            Xiamen Node organized the "build an excellent team, create a brilliant corporate" outdoor activities at Xinlong valley

         April is the most beautiful season and it's time for sowing hope. It is also perfect time to organize outdoor activities. On the theme of "bring together the minds and carry forward the Node", to implement the people-oriented corporate culture, Xiamen Node organized all the staff to take part in the outdoor activities at Xinlong valley (previous Qinglong valley) on April 23rd, 2016.


       Outdoor activities are both exciting and challenging. It can be seen as a test for the problem-solving skills of the team and physical endurance of the individual. It is also like a spiritual cleansing. To promote the cohesion, sense of responsibility and sense of honor among all the staff, encourage them to trust, strive and cooperate with each other, the outdoor activities had four sections proceeding successively.

Team Building

        Team building is the process of integrating the individuals into the whole. The staff were divided into four teams and each team decided its own team name, chose its leader, designed its logo and created team song and team motto. Besides, every team had its own spirit and core people. All team members would have intimate relationship with each other and the whole team was an integral whole. During the activities, some people experienced angry and sadness because of the cruelty of the competition, but what's important was they all felt the warmth of hearts. The "100 push-ups" bore the weight of responsibilities and brief from the leaders to the common staff. No matter easy or difficult, what we saw was the cohesion of the Noders. As long as we have the cohesion, our team will be stronger and stronger as well as be more efficient and collaborative.


Heart Encouraging

       The whole activities could be seen as a test for the teamwork of the staff, through which a team could experience entirely all the four developing stages of a team: formative period, turbulent period, norming period and high-efficient period. The team members could rethink what they should do during different periods. The coach arranged about a dozen people in each team to stand around in a circle and pulled a drum together. There were many ropes on the drum but each member could only pull the end of one rope. Then a volleyball was put onto the center of the drum and all the members needed to wave the rope to make the volleyball jump on the drumhead. At the beginning, the volleyball could hardly jump more than ten times because the members hadn't grasped the knack of it. So, they stopped for a while and rethought about it, figuring out what the problem was and practiced repeatedly. With the joint effort of all the members, a remarkable record of 50 times and even more 60 times was created. This game made us deeply understand that, realizing a purpose in work needs strong cohesion and close coordination of all. We can only overcome the difficulties with the spirit of perseverance.


Live CS

        The live CS laser gun battle is a tense and exciting high-tech entertainment which combines sport and game together. It applies the high-tech like laser remote sensing and wireless communication to simulate the real confrontation in battle, and uses specialized software to conduct real-time battlefield management. It was the first time for most of our staff to experience the live CS, so the military tactics fault and conditions of injury were inevitable. However, nobody complained or blamed others. All the participants gained the joy of collaboration during the battle and happiness of victory through their efforts. The game also enhanced the tacit understanding of each other and reflected their disciplines and ability to deal with the emergencies. Each one just thought and understood more about the significance of teamwork in the company's operating activities and competition with others.


Nametag Ripping

        The game "nametag ripping" is an effective way to improve the psychological diathesis of the staff. The game needs a lot of running and winding of the players and is quite strength-costing. In the process of chasing, problems like body-bumping, tumbling and even injuring are inevitable but the player still needs to run, which greatly trains the players' stamina. The atmosphere of the game is quite tense and even fierce, which embodies the harsh reality. In the modern life, people's pace of life is quicker and quicker, the division of labor is more and more meticulous while the working pressure is heavier and heavier and the emotional communication among people is harder and harder. In such a circumstance, we have realized that the relation among the staff is closely related and mutually dependent and we need to inspire the working enthusiasm and innovative spirit of the team. Injecting the working team with more cohesion is the guiding principle for the continuous development of the company. This special and interesting game-experience has become an unforgettable and precious memory for all the staff and the insight gained through the nametag ripping game will also become a life-long wealth.


        Xiamen Node is now at the stage of healthy and sustainable development, all the work in the company needs the collaboration and unremitting efforts of all the staff. Only through this can we develop the company into a bigger, better and stronger one. Meanwhile, the personal interests can only be guaranteed when the team interests are realized. All in all, the team-building activities is a great chance to promote the comprehensive qualities of the staff and all of them have made great progress both in thought and in spirit through these activities.

The Labor Union of Xiamen Node

April 25th, 2016