The Hot-spring Tour for Celebrating the New Year

Time: 2016-07-13 10:49:42
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    Ring out the Old Year of Goat and ring in the New Year of Monkey. To celebrate the arrival of a brand-new year, relieve the working pressure of the technical staff who have been striving to work at the forefront, help them be engaged in work with better working status, create a cheerful and happy working atmosphere, enhance the staff's cohesion and operational capability, the business department of S&T of Xiamen Node decided to organize the hot-spring tour on this weekend (February 27th and 28th, 2016) with the strong support from the leaders of the company.

    The destination of this tour was the Jinminsheng Hot Spring Hotel. The colleagues took a comfortable bath in the outdoor hot spring no sooner than they checked into the hotel. They all felt close to nature and totally relaxed both in mind and body, and the recent fatigue of work quickly dissipated. In addition, they could enjoy the fruits and tea cakes while relaxing in the hot spring. After that, they went to the Boya western restaurant of the hotel and enjoyed the fancy buffet dinner. There were all kinds of fresh food as well as after-dinner desserts and fruits in the buffet. All the staff fully enjoyed and took a hearty meal. Then they went to the center of recreation and entertainment, taking part in various leisure activities like bodybuilding, playing games, watching movies and chatting about their life and work. All these activities enhanced the interaction and understanding among the colleagues and strengthened their cohesion. They also lived in the hotel that evening and the capacious and comfortable room in the hotel provided each one with a pleasurable night. In the hotel near the mountain and by the river, with its beautiful environment, the colleagues from the business department of science and technology just stayed away from the noisy for a while and entirely enjoyed this hot-spring tour in the beautiful place.

The Business Department of Science and Technology of Xiamen Node

March 1st, 2016