The Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrating Activities of Xiamen Node Technology Group Company

Time: 2016-09-23 10:27:05
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        An ancient Chinese poem goes that "A lonely stranger would experience more loneliness and nostalgia when a festival comes". The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the traditional festivals of China. On the occasion of it, Xiamen Node held celebrating activities for all the staff with the support of the leaders and the Labor Union. With "home" as the core of Xiamen Node's corporate culture, the company held the activities for extending warmth and delight of the festival to all the staff and integrating them into the big family of Xiamen Node. Also, the distinctive custom "Mooncake Gambling" was involved so the staff could experience the traditional culture of Xiamen. The celebrating activities were held on September 11th(Sunday),2016 at the banquet hall on the second floor of Wan Peng Mu Dan Hotel.


The president of Xiamen Node is extending festival greetings to the staff

        At the beginning of the activities, leaders from all departments gave remarks successively, extending sincere festival greetings to the staff. In the remarks of Mr. Zhang Wei, president of the company, he appreciated the effort and energy the staff had put into the continuous development of Xiamen Node. He said that he could feel great responsibilities to lead the company to diversified and scale operation, as well as share more dividends with the staff. After his remarks, president Zhang handed out a 10,000-yuan red pocket to all the staff, which heated the atmosphere and brought together the feeling and emotion of all the participants.

        After the banquet came the highly anticipated Mooncake Gambling. Mooncake Gambling is a distinctive Mid-Autumn celebrating activity held by Xiamen people for hundreds of years. It is not only a special part of Mid-Autumn culture, but also Xiamen people's inheritance of the history. The meaning of Mooncake Gambling lies in the delight of participation and the wish to win a good omen. Most people believe that the "Zhuangyuan", or the biggest winner will have good luck with them the whole year, which indicates that people have injected emotional sustenance and good expectations into this activity.


The leaders are toasting to the staff.


A group photo of Xiamen Node

         The whole activity was proceeding in a joyous and warm atmosphere and filled with the sounds of dice-casting, toasting, laughing and cheering. It's like a melodious symphony and run over with a family-like atmosphere among all the staff from the Xiamen Node. The festival celebrating activities further strengthened the cohesion of Xiamen Node group company. It also brought all the staff a warm and fragrant Mid-Autumn festival in the atmosphere reflecting Xiamen Node's corporate culture of "home".

Xiamen Node Technology Group Co., LTD

September 11th, 2016