The Worker Bookhouse - A Significant Driving Force of Corporate Development

Time: 2017-09-05 14:19:13
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With the rapid development of the economy, knowledge, which embodies the soft power of culture, plays an important role in the competition of enterprises. To enhance the company's competitive edge in the market, its staff have to keep learning. Creating a company with all its staff learning continuously, cultivating their awareness of long-life learning, improving the professionalism and innovation ability of all the staff are the specific requirements of Xiamen Node's corporate culture.

Recent years, with the rapid development of the group company, Xiamen Node has higher requirements for the staff's comprehensive abilities. It urges each employee to learn continuously and improve their technical knowledge and professional skills. To guarantee the staff's rights to learn and develop, and encourage them to realize the purpose of "treat working as learning and treat learning as working", Xiamen Node set up the "the worker stacks" which provided various professional books as well as rich culture and knowledge.


The "the worker stacks" plays a significant role for the education and guidance of the staff. To ensure that the staff will have more pleasure of learning and implement the idea of continuous learning, Xiamen Node has improved the worker stacks from the following aspects: first, providing more fund support and enhancing the basic construction of the bookshelf; second, supplementing books regularly and ensuring that the books are diversified and professional; third, the books should be closely related to the content of staff training and thus arouse their learning enthusiasm; forth, various reading activities should be held to enhance the learning initiative of the staff and their awareness of life-long learning, which will ultimately improve the professionalism and innovation ability of all the staff. 

Corporate culture is a significant part of the company's development. It can guide the staff to make effort and devote to the company. The "the worker stacks" provides a good platform for the staff to learn comprehensive knowledge. And the spread of healthy and positive culture can push forward the construction of corporate culture and development of the company. It also satisfies the staff's diversified and all-around needs for knowledge both at spiritual level and at cultural level. What's more, it provides the staff with chances to improve themselves and enhance their work efficiency. The construction of the "the worker stacks" has realized the purpose of "positive culture inspires people; healthy culture influences people; elegant culture edifies people". The staff is the essence for the value creation of a company and they are the core of the survival and development of a company. Only when the potential of each employee is fully activated and shown and they all treat the development of the company as their own career, can the company have better and faster development.

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August 25th, 2017