Warmth Delivered by Dumpling Rice at Dragon Boat Festival

Time: 2019-10-24 15:35:38
Source: xmnode
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     Bid farewell to the cherry romance of Qingming Festival and welcomed the lotus rhyme and rice dumpling fragrance of Drag Boat Festival. People from all corners of the country gathered in harmonious Node group with their enthusiasm and dreams. In order to relieve staff’s homesickness on this holiday season, Node group labor union customized gift boxes of delicious and glutinous rice dumplings from Fliport Hotel in June 15th,2018.


     Dried scallop and oyster were the delicacies that the wanderer who was born in the coastal area missed every day and night; the flavor of mixed Chinese chestnut, mushroom, lean, peanut, and sticky rice not only evoked the taste bud, but also the missing for the mother’s simplest rice dumplings and deepest love; the green bamboo leaf wrapped the red bean, green bean, and honey date, symbolizing the yearning for a happy life; the northern-style alkaline water rice dumplings was spread with sugar, leaving the lips and teeth with sweetness and the gratitude for life.



   Node group made the staff not to feel lonely though they were far away from home or lived alone, because they could enjoy home-like warmth and family-like love and caring in Node.



Labor Union Committee of Xiamen Node Technology Group 

June 19th,2018