Node Group Labor Union Holding 2018 Annual Commendation Conference

Time: 2019-10-25 10:05:25
Source: xmnode
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    In order to motivate the staff’s work enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity, Node group labor union elected and rewarded the 2018 advanced worker who had correct idea, initiative, and correct value. After each department’s elaborate selection, assessment, and submission, the union evaluated six advanced workers. 

    The commendation conference was held in Fliport Hotel in March 15th, 2019.The six advanced workers stood on the platform of commendation conference amid applause to accept the certificate of honor and bonus awarded by the union chairman. After the award, the six advanced workers successively delivered an acceptance speech on the platform to express their gratitude for group’s careful cultivation. They indicated that the honor belonged to the past, would cherish the honor and take it as the new starting point, and achieved new goals by working harder in the future.  

    After the commendation, Mr. Wu, the chairman of Node group labor union, made a summary speech, calling all staff to learn from the advanced workers on their good ideology and excellent work style, and hoping the prize winners to continuously serve as a model for others and create good advanced working atmosphere to let more staff join the advanced workers to work actively and make contributions for group development. 

       According to the group development policy combined with actual work during operation, ensure and promote the progress of effective implementation of group operation and management to achieve the expected effect. Therefore, the group labor union vigorously strengthens the construction of enterprise culture, establishes standardization system, and promotes enterprise culture. It carries forward the positive energy of work and thought, inspires staff’s motivation and striving spirit, sets model by rewarding the advanced speaker, and creates good working atmosphere, giving full paly to staff’s initiative and effectively guaranteeing group’s successive development.  




                                                                                 Labor Union Committee of Node Group 

                                                                                                         March 29th,2019