Node Mobile OA System Solution

Time: 2019-10-25 11:17:11
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Key Application

Node mobile OA system solution is based on mature Node OA solution. It extends the applications on OA, such as the official document, process, contact list, schedule, file management, announcement, to the mobile phone terminal, providing the more convenient and flexible mobile office application for users.

       Real-time Data Synchronism: The data on the mobile phone and on the computer is synchronized in real time, so that the staff on the move can seamlessly connect to the PC office system through the mobile phone terminal at any time any time. Node mobile OA system not only realizes the synchronization of mobile terminal data and enterprise actual data, but also the on-site data gathering.

 Mobile OA Portal: User latest backlog, news, and announcement will be pushed to mobile OA portal in real time to provide the user with convenient office portal. The user can check company’s latest news and announcement through mobile OA portal at any time any place.

      Office Document Management: The mobile terminal has the same document processing function as the computer desktop, such as new document, document approval, document circulation, document consultation, and new document list. The document on the mobile terminal has the same status as PC and can be left with trace.

        Mobile Approval: The various processes that need to be approved are pushed to the mobile terminal through message and email. The user can view the processes or files that need to be approved in real time and the approval information is responded to the PC user in time.

         Mobile Contact List: View the contact list in real time. The online contact data will never be lost and can be updated in time. The user can search the contact person by the list at any time any moment. 

         Schedule Management: The schedule information is pushed to the mobile OA schedule in real time. The user can check the schedule at any time and can also build and edit schedule on the mobile terminal.

       Meeting Management: The meeting information is pushed to the mobile OA terminal in time. The user can view the information of meeting, which is needed to be attended and initiated on the PC by other people, through mobile terminal, including topic, attendee, time, and place. The user can also issue a meeting through mobile terminal.

         GPS Attendance: The mobile OA terminal can check the staff attendance through GPS sign-in, standardizing attendance management.


 Mainstream Application Platform

 Browser Version: The user can visit OA platform through web browser. It takes the full advantage of GPRS,3G or WIFI to enable to work online at any time any place.

 Client Customized Version 

     •Mobile Version: Customize the mobile OA application based on windows mobile.

     • iPhone/iPad version: Customize the mobile OA application for Apple IOS operating system based on PUSH technology.

             • Android Version: Customize the mobile OA application for mainstream Android operating system based on PUSH technology.

 Node mobile OA system integrates 3G mobile technology, smart mobile terminal, VPN, database synchronization, identity authentication, Web service, and information processing and computer network technologies and takes GPRS/EFGE/CDMA as its data transmission mode. It pushes the contents on the customer application server to customer’ mobile phone through safe connection. It can be deployed independently or by operator platform. It is characterized with high safety, fast speed, strong function, and beautiful interface.


Solution Advantage 

Successful Customer: Node mobile OA is deployed in a simple way and doesn’t need other extra input. It only needs to install OA software package on the server, set parameters of mobile OA, authorize the user, and configure related mobile terminal.

       Beautiful and Easy-to-use Interface: The interface is beautiful with clear layout. It fully reflects the advantage of man-machine interaction, making mobile OA more user-friendly and more practical.

       Safety Design:

     • The data integrity, information confidentiality, network safety, and information processing are carefully designed. Log in company’s mobile OA safely and reliably at any time any place with terminal-to-terminal security and compression techniques.

             • The mobile OA safety index is improved based on model control by six dimensional authority of Node information platform and strict mobile terminal authorization.

             • Mobile OA system is an individual application system. Its termination or changes will not influence the normal use of PC system.

             • Provide triple validation by OA account and password, mobile phone number, and mobile identification code.

View Transition: Be able to freely transit between text and graph version to save mobile traffic (only for browser version).

Terminal Application Function Automatic Upgrading: The server terminal can automatically push new functions to the mobile terminal to remind user to upgrade the application. 

        Support Multi-language: It supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English, etc. to satisfy various enterprises needs. 

       Powerful Background Supporting Flexible Use: The background is simply and flexibly configured. It can self-define the template information and source and can flexibly set business process according to enterprises’ needs. 


Application Value 

       Enterprise Operation Control: The manager can check and approve the company information, check company’s important report, and learn key business status through the mobile at any time any place, actually realizing palm management.

       Office Space Extension: It breaks the information constraint in space and time, jumps out the information construction set pattern, and establishes an information system that can be used at any time any place, so that the manager and business personnel can connect to the enterprise internal system no matter where they are.

       Real-time Office: Based on PUSH technique, all backlogs, meetings will be pushed to the mobile OA terminal in real time; the strong man-machine interaction function can give a feedback to the PC terminal user in real time to actually ensure high efficiency of work.

     Executive Ability Improvement: The mobile OA system supplements the PC OA system and optimizes the management process in the enterprise and publish institution to improve the department executive ability.

     Travel Cost Reduction: Create an all-around mobile coordination work platform and provide a high fidelity and low cost communication to prompt the enterprise’s communication to shift from traditional phone and email to coordination work platform.

      IT Audit: The mobile OA provides users with use log and the log can be traced and analyzed to provide data for Symbian act IT audit.