Node Process Management Solution

Time: 2019-10-25 11:31:42
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General Introduction

Enterprise process electronization not only greatly improves enterprise’s operating efficiency, but also solves the following issues, such as personnel low operating efficiency, work materials being unable to be effectively and uniformly managed, and workflow comments being unable to be fully saved and archived.

Workflow is a description of a whole set of rules and processes to manage the information circulation and business activities in work progress. It aims to define the electronization workflow according to enterprise actual standard and business operation to realize intelligent processing of workflow, ensuring the work is passed to the next operator in real time when a task of the work is finished, retaining the operating trace of the workflow, and automatically updating the related data.

Based on Node management application platform, e-workflow establishes an efficient and flexible workflow platform for enterprise. The user can self-define various required workflow applications.


Design Concept

      Node e-workflow solution is built on the basis of Node management application platform. Node management application platform, which is human-oriented, includes seven modules. The seven modules are connected by workflow to establish an information mesh. When an information point is found, all the information related to the information point will be extracted. The information itself is not structurally presented, but exists in different modules and is structurally extracted when needed. Being similar to linkage effect of gear linkage model, when a gear rotates, the other gears are also driven and provide required support and service for it.

Based on Node management application platform, e-workflow establishes an efficient and flexible workflow platform for enterprise. It is customized according to customer’s needs with fairly flexible definition functions and the customer can self-define process, sheet, and field. Meanwhile, according to different enterprise operating modes, the workflow can be maintained and customized by person with permission and be shown by graph. The whole process of workflow from creation to archiving can be tracked, and the supervisor can examine the subordinate’s request at any moment and provide corresponding comments for subordinate to make decision.


Product Structure

      The e-workflow, centering on human resource, realizes the information circulation among the following modules: knowledge document management module, customer relationship management module, asset management module, project information management module, financial information management module, and supply chain management module to extract enterprise information structurally and optimize enterprise process.

Meanwhile, the e-workflow introduces EIP, delivers different information to different information portals through workflow, and brings the requests and information collecting from different portals to the system, realizing efficient communication and coordination among staff, customers, and external visitors.


Product Advantages

  The high efficiency of Node e-workflow solution is reflected as follows:

1.Automatic reminder can immediately inform related person when the workflow reaches.

2.A warning will be released when the workflow is not dealt with in time.

3.All workflow information is traceable, so that the user can easily view other people’s handling trace.

4.The leader can monitor the task execution all the way.

5.A node of workflow can be set with multiple parallel operators, so that the operator can replace the unavailable peer to deal with the workflow.

      6.It supports remote and distributed office work for the operation convenience of travelling personnel or mobile worker, which greatly improves the handling efficiency of workflow.

Based on the business workflow management, the workflow concept is extended beyond the enterprise. Through combining with the enterprise information portal, the workflow brings the information from and out of the portals, realizing the efficient communication and coordination among departments and staff in the enterprise as well as customers and partners outside the enterprise.