Professional Test Service

Time: 2019-10-25 16:14:11
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Xiamen Node company has strong technical capacity in quality assurance and test and combines with software developing center to satisfy the enterprise’s needs in critical system test and quality assurance. It possesses specialized knowledge and customized service to meet requested test requirement.

• Professional Field

Terminal-to-terminal application and software test service, strategy and implementation

Development and design tool, automatic test script

Project scope, target, and requirement definition

Strategy for monitoring development and test process

        Quality and safety control based on international industry practice and standard, including CMMI and ITIL

• Our Test Services

 User Acceptance Test: Provide all-around user acceptance test service for product in each developing stage. Simulate application and software functions from the end user’s point of view.

Automatic Test Service: The automatic test ensures error-free repeated test, which greatly improves the developing efficiency, shortens the circle, and checks the quality regression issue.

 Business Test Service: The business test service includes software system behavior inspection to ensure its function to meet customer’s business operation.

 Safety Test: The safety test validates the privacy, completeness, authentication, availability, authorization, and non-repudiation of important system data.

 Demand Management Service: Node can prevent the developer from working in low efficiency during the development of communication software and application. It provides clear statements through the log, analysis, and priority determination of project output requirements, which are valuable means for developers to control developing activities.

•Application Construction Process Management and Consultation Service

       Through the application construction process management and consultation service, a comprehensive management platform is provided in the construction process, which helps the developer better manage the project and find the hidden problems in the current system.

        CMMI Evaluation: Node CMMI evaluation assesses the whole application construction process in detail and provides process improvement guidance and suggestions.

       Through using specialized PDCA circulation, Node continuously improves customer’s application construction process, so that through a pilot test, the best solution can be figured out before carrying out a specific construction work.

SDLC Audit within the Process: The SDLC audit within the process evaluates the application construction and software development plan of developers, makes some suggestions for current process or model, and modifies the time and cost as required.

Performance Test and Monitoring Service: Through simulation test, some issues existing in current system are found. Monitor the transaction and delivery time as well as the system performance to make valuable adjustment and improvement for developer’s application and software.