Dedication to the Construction of Social Credit System

Time: 2019-12-05 11:15:23
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                                                ——Seminar on Construction and Development of “Credit Xiamen” Held in Xiamen 

      The harmonious development of society requires the credit system construction. It is very hard to promote the credit system construction solely by government’s power. It needs to call on all people to participate in the construction and maintenance by abiding by the standardized credit system advocated by government.  

 “The Seminar on Construction and Development of Credit Xiamen”, hosted by Xiamen Information Association, Xiamen Guoxin Credit Big Data Innovation Research Institute, and Xiamen Node Technology Group, was held in the Egret Hall of The Egret Hotel Xiamen on October 18th,2019. Some experts were invited to deliver special reports in the seminar, including Zeng Guanghui-the director of Guoxin Credit Big Data, Guan Jianbin-the product manager of China Mobile Group Fujian Branch, Gong Weibin-the head and senior engineer of credit investigation service department of Xiamen Information Center, Ni Wei-the general manager of Xiamen Zhongxiao Online Information Service, and Zhu Yanping-the president of Taiwan Cloud Service Association. More than 150 people participated in the communication and discussion, who were from competent departments, social credit system construction units, application providers, research institutes, colleges, associations, and enterprises.

The social credit system is an important part of socialism market economy system and society management system. It aims at improving the integrity awareness and credit level of the whole society based on the law, regulation, standard, contract, and credit record and network system that cover the members of society, supported by compliance application of credit information and credit service system, taking the formation of integrity concept and the promotion of traditional virtue of integrity as the internal requirements, and making the trustworthy incentive and dishonesty constraint as the reward and punishment mechanism. The construction of social credit system is an important foundation for a harmonious society in an all-round way, is an important method to improve the socialist market economy system and innovate the social governance, and is of great importance to strengthen the integrity awareness of social members, create good credit environment, improve the state competitiveness, and promote the progress and development of society.

An old Chinese saying goes,People without faith will not stand, industry without faith will not prosper, the country without faith will decline”. Credit benefits the nation and the people. In recent years, the CPC and the state council have emphasized and accelerated the construction of social credit system. The state council has successively issued Outline of Social Credit System Construction Plan(2014-2020) and The Guiding Opinions of the Social Credit System Construction Plan on Establishing and Improving the Joint Incentive System for Keeping Promises and the Joint Punishment System for Breaking Promises to Accelerate the Construction of Social Credit (State Issue〔2016〕No.33), which indicates that China has developed rapidly on the construction of social credit system. It is an important step to promote the modernization of society governance capability. This seminar advertises and promotes the construction achievement of “Credit Xiamen” and shares the application results to realize service innovation and leaping development, actively promoting the in-depth development of “Credit Xiamen”. It is an important meeting that puts heads together, pools the wisdom, offers advices and suggestions, and dedicates to promote the development of social credit system.

 Credit is the fundamental principle of Node Group. Since its foundation, Node group always adheres to the credit and seeks the development from credit. Only by sticking to and accumulating the credit, can Node seek steady and continuous development. Credit is the eternal subject for Node development. Node takes concrete actions to accumulate the credit and serves the society with the value created by credit. As a member of the social enterprises, Node Group together with all effective strengths in the society will promote the construction and development of “Credit Xiamen”.



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November 26th,2019